Ihr Your tool for more efficient, safer and more reliable supplier audits.

Problems with “Conventional” Supplier Audits

In many companies’ supplier audits are often still performed by using simple office software or even on paper. This impedes and/or prohibits the ideal automatic adjustment of risk management. Consequently, this can lead to inadequate results for risk evaluation. Experience has indicated that this may impact whether insurance coverage is granted by some insurance companies. These are problems of the past with our Audit-Tool.

Dual Strategy
The software enables the auditor to perform a structured task process and also eliminates the routine tasks by electronically distributing and archiving the audit documents. Two approaches are targeted: A more risk oriented- and more process oriented audit approach.

Risk Oriented Approach
A checklist based on the risk analysis is prepared for the risk oriented approach. The higher the probability of a risk factor, the shorter the audit frequency. The audit checklist is subject to automatic dynamic adaption.

Process Oriented Approach
This dynamic is not present in the process oriented audit approach. The audit planning process, including defined audit areas, administrative areas and checklists, up to audit documentation and reporting function, is managed by our software

By the way: You can also use the Audit-Tool with your Tablet-PC or smartphone and navigate the checklist via touchscreen.[/spoiler][/accordion]