Laboratory Management Systems

Our software solution for your laboratory management: LIMSsmart.

Analysis data always ready to view
Clever concept – smart implementation: test our product and experience its flexibility and adaptability! Like no other comparable software, LIMSsmart can be docked on your existing laboratory system and functions as a satellite. For example, analysis data can be stored in the cloud or exclusively on your internal server on the intranet. Or perhaps a combination of intranet and internet is the most efficient for your company?

Save time, effort and costs
The system provides procedure and work instructions for accreditation or certification directly to the corresponding work station. It integrates services such as sample planning effortlessly. Serial sample numbers are generated and issued. They are also issued with barcodes, which are identified by the connected laboratory devices – ideal for measuring series. With an “intelligent” login for sample planning with LIMSsmart, customers can create or add to analysis tasks themselves. A real plus for work organisation: you can see the status of your analysis tasks at all times. And that’s not all: even old laboratory devices that still issue analysis data based on DOS can be read by LIMSsmart – laborious manual input is not required! All laboratory data is read out via a pre-arranged and expandable SQL interface, and transferred at high speed to the right location for monitoring, plausibility testing and, finally, creation of the analysis certificate. On top of this, you can use LIMSsmart to create invoices and transfer them to bookkeeping at the click of a mouse. You work in Workgroup Management.

LIMS for internal server operation – without the need for a cloud
Laboratory doesn’t have a LIMS yet? LIMSsmart provides you with a foundation system based on EDP: highly efficient, modern and without ballast. Its IT architecture is streamlined and efficient. The software runs on your own server.

Smart alternative: hosting with vonKampenSystems
If you wish, we will be happy to host your system. In this case, we guarantee you quick, stable and secure connection to the cloud. Our laboratory server is located in a modern German data centre. Transfers are carried out via SSL encryption at the highest level. Opt for our hosting solution and save yourself purchasing and maintenance costs for your own server.