Early Warning System (EWS)

Instrument for your operational crisis management.

Point of Culmination in the Event of a Crisis

All of your risk management strings and, if necessary, your LIMSsmart meet in the early warning system. Other company information channels are also delivered. All data bundled in the early warning system is analysed and graphically prepared for the adequate segments.

Central Processes in Virtual Crisis Space
Potential occurrences are analysed by an expert team in a visual crisis space, which is accessible to authorised individuals: The probability of the occurrence is estimated and the ratio of incurred damages to possible false alerts is examined. A warning can be issued or retained. When creating early warning system, it is determined, which areas and persons are to be notified and in which order, in the event of an occurrence. This process can also be automated.

Process- and Product Relevant Awareness levels
Our risk management system enables you to define an awareness level for each individual and/or selected risk factor for the respective products and set it up as a threshold value. A notification to the virtual crisis space and/or crisis management is triggered if at least one of the threshold values is exceeded.