Risk Management

Determine, assess and manage risks. We have the tools.

Essential Risk Management

Hygiene, ecology, workplace safety: Risk management is essential for perfect products. The fact is: Insurance companies demand risk management systems without gaps and shortfalls. But many companies shy away from the cost, effort and level of difficulty. Unfortunately this is true. The good news: vonKampenSystems simplifies your risk management process with state-of-the-art technology at fair conditions.

Limitations are yesterday’s News
Our solutions are based on tried and tested, internationally recognised processes for risk assessment: vonKampenSystems has developed an innovative technology based on this principle. It combines standardisation, practical application and individualisation. This has been unique until now. Whether it is textile manufacturers, hotel kitchens or dairy processing in Allgäu: Sectorial or branch related limitations do not exist. Limitations are yesterday’s news; vonKampenSystems opens the doors to the future; with tailored risk management solutions that are easily and intuitively operated.

Call it Win-Win – we call it: vonKampenSystems
The risk-potential calculations are an integral component of the system. With regular updates you can keep it current at all times. Perform your audits with the specialised audit-tool and access the intelligent links to sample plans, crisis management or your laboratory information system (LIMS) with a mouse click. It is innovative beyond competition. By the way: In addition, the vonKampenConsult Engineering Firm provides professional consulting with regard to handling the risk potentials and detail queries that may be of concern to you. Synergy becomes a routine and your added value, our USP. [/spoiler][/accordion]