Sample Plan

Manage your sample plan and analyses. Our software simplifies the process for you.

Automated Creation with Manual Edit Option

Create your sample plans parallel to the risk analysis – for example, as demanded by GMP+International from its standard takers. With us it is an automated process, including integrated calculation. However, the sample plans can also be manually re-adapted without a problem. Access the extensive parameter data base or enter your own desired parameter in your sample plan.

Processing by an External Laboratory
You can activate the plan for processing by an external laboratory. The results and the analysis certificate will be saved on laboratory system upon completion. An automated notification system will notify you via text message and/or email when the analysis results are available. Our early warning system is linked to the sample plan as well and can be utilized at your discretion. The sample extraction can also be scheduled in advance and an appointment reminder may be programmed to be sent by text message or email. The sample plan only has to be created once, and can be transferred to the following year by a simple mouse click. If necessary, precise adjustment can be made.[/spoiler][/accordion]