Supplier System

Allocate your raw materials and end products in a more comfortable, safer and more sustainable manner.

Agricultural Commodity Management
In the past, numerous agricultural establishments have expressed their desire for a commodity management system that contains an efficient ordering system based on a dynamic product- and supplier database. We are able to offer you such a product now. It also offers various additional functions.

Central Product Database
Execute and automatically archive your orders. Regardless if it is an end product or raw material: Everything is stored in the central database and you can place your order, including all relevant information (delivery date, target warehouse/storage facility etc.) with your supplier via email. Of course, you can also manage all delivery dates and contracts in the system.

Monitor Harmful Substances and Early Warning System
The supplier system is much more than just commodity management. It also provides continuous monitoring for the presence of harmful substances, for instance. An early warning system (EWS), e.g. for dioxin warnings or increased mycotoxin contents from certain supply areas is always in alarm mode for your facility. Our supplier system is connected to the vonKampenConsult Engineering Firm’s consulting network. Therefore, we can automatically suggest product specific sample tests, which you can transfer with a mouse click. The laboratory will receive an automatic notification. It doesn’t get any easier than that!